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30th March 2012 by Dominic Adamson

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Echoing Spectrum 1.0.1 – Patch Notes

Squidwolf Syndicate: Echoing Spectrum 1.0.1


To be released Friday, March 30, 2012.


Squidwolf Collaboration

– Squidwolf Address Book has been disabled while we address various problems with push notification.

– Squidwolf Calendar no longer removes attachments from events.

– Squidwolf Calendar Sharing has been enabled and now works correctly with Linux clients.

Squidwolf Mail

– Issues with authenticating to the outgoing mail server have been resolved, all members are advised to switch the authentication method to CRAM-MD5 as this is the preferred method of logging in.

– Issues with mail not getting pushed to clients has been resolved.

– Issues with attachments being corrupted have been resolved.

Squidwolf Time Machine

– An issue with the Time Machine login system has been fixed.

– Fixed an issue where users could not been authenticated when connected to Squidwolf Wired.

– Backup folders can now be accessed through AFP.

– ‘Flight’ Server members were affected by an issue that caused their backup files to have their file extensions removed. This has been resolved.

Squidwolf Gaming Network

– The message on the front login screen had a picture of an Apple Pie on it, this has been removed.

Squidwolf IM

– Persistent chats now maintain fonts.

Squidwolf File Sharing

– Fixed an issue with the in-network chat.

Squidwolf Web Hosting

– On the welcome page on new accounts, ‘hosting’ is no longer misspelled.

– Fixed a WordPress menu for user accounts.

– Fixed a small error in number formatting in web files.

– Newly created WordPress accounts are not automatically CHMOD’d now.

Squidwolf Dev Blog

– has been re-activated due to some legacy WordPress RSS feeds not working correctly.

– now resolves to the Developer Blog Website and now back to the main site.

Squidwolf Community

– An issue with username formatting has been fixed.

– Website ticker showing hit counts now displays dialog correctly.

– Fixed the server location string for user accounts.


The following new systems have been activated.

– DarwinPorts

– MacPorts

– bzip2

– expat

– fontconfig

– freetype

– zlib

– libiconv

– gperf

– ghostscript

– autoconf

– help2mon

– gettext

– ncurses

– ncursesw

– p5.12-locale-gettext

– perl5.12

– gdbm

– m4

– perl15

– automake

– jbig2dec

– x2

– jpeg

– lcms2

– tiff

– libidn

– libpaper

– xorg

Squidwolf API

– Added Website logs to the API.

– Hit counts are now displayed correctly.

Squidwolf IM

– Join channel (when manually typing name) now correctly places you in a channel if it already exists.


– French translations are now active.

HazelRating System

– We are working on a new service to display member standings and changes to them.


– Fixed the menu at the bottom of WordPress installations.

– The formatting on feature emails has been made a little prettier.

– Fixed a bug that was blocking Japanese text in Emails.


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